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Rockatude (Brass Ensemble)

Rockatude (Brass Ensemble)

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Experience heightened rock and attitude with the latest special edition of the musical spectacle, Rockatude for Brass Ensemble. Infused with an extra dose of energy, this special edition is designed to elevate your concert to new heights with its bold themes and driving rhythms. Perfect for schools, colleges, and professional ensembles alike, Rockatude promises a monumental finale!

Rockatude can be performed with or without the Drum Set and additional brass parts are also included that double the main orchestration. Also available for String Orchestra, Full Orchestra and Full Orchestra featuring Lead Guitar.

Duration: 2:40
Level: Intermediate (UK Grade 5+ & USA 2+)
Occasion: Large Concerts - Festivals – Celebrations - Finales
Instrumentation: Brass Ensemble – Drum Set

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