Digital Downloads

Which type of Digital Downloads can I purchase?
Sheet Music is in PDF Format and Sound Files are in MP3 Format.

How do I pay for the Digital Downloads?
Simply use any regular Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or other popular methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay at the checkout.

When can I print my downloaded music/receive my MP3 files?
You can download your files immediately after purchase (stay on the page to see the generated Download Link once your payment has been accepted) or you can also print/download them later from the link sent to the registered email address you entered.

Why can't I view the entire song or preview the MP3 before buying?
To protect our copyright, we only provide sample pages. If you wish to preview the MP3 Performance Recordings, you can do so by visiting our YouTube channel here.

Will the music be saved on my computer?
Once you have downloaded the file, you can save it to your device. Under copyright laws, Sheet Music and MP3 files cannot be electronically distributed to others unless the correct number of copies have been purchased. Prints are also restricted to the number of copies purchased unless otherwise stated in the score or on the website.

What software do I need to view and listen to my Digital Downloads?
No special software is needed.

Can Digital Downloads be sent to my mailing address?
We only send the download link unless you contact us and, due to downloading issues or other reasons, we may have to send you the file by another means.

Can I use the MP3 Recordings in public?
Yes, you can if it is for non-commercial reasons or for non-profit making purposes. If you wish to use it at a commercial/for-profit event or for any other commercial reason, please contact us well in advance for License Permission and Terms and Conditions at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

Can I return Digital Download Titles once purchased?
Due to the nature of digital files, we cannot offer a refund of your Digital Download titles after they has been purchased. If there is a technical issue with the file downloaded, please request a refund or replacement by sending an email to helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

I cannot purchase certain works on your website, why?
Certain works by the composer Paul Barker are only available from other publishers as they now own the copyright and operate their own Terms and Conditions Policies. Streaming content and recordings are also provided by third parties such as Spotify and Apple Music which also operate their own Terms and Conditions.

Do you supply Hard Copies of your files?
To keep costs and prices at a minimum, we only supply Digital Downloads of our music on this site. If you would like Hard Copies (Printed Music) of our titles, please visit JW Pepper music publishers www.jwpepper.com where you can purchase these as required.

Other Services and General Help

Info for Music Dealers
We offer great discounts to Music Dealers but please note we can only supply PDF stamped copies - Hard Copies are only available from www.jwpepper.com Contact us for more details at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

Are your prices cheaper than most other sites?
Most of our titles are offered at all-year-round reduced prices compared to other 3rd party music dealers – we can do this as we own the titles and exclusive copyrights. 
Do you offer Digital Downloads on your site not available elsewhere?
We offer many Performance Recordings, Rehearsal and Accompaniment MP3s not available on other sites. 
Do I need a Licence to perform your works?
For commercial use/broadcasting etc and general for-profit use, please contact us well in advance for License Permission and Terms and Conditions at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

Can I use some of your music in a film/media project?
Yes, so long as it is for personal/institutional non-commercial and non-profit use. Shares on social media allowed – just clearly credit the company as Paul Barker Music and the Composer as Paul Barker on your project.

If you want to use our music in a commercial and profit-making project of any kind, please contact us with your requirements at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com 

Can I record/video our performance?
Yes! Do record and video your performances. Personal/institutional non-commercial and non-profit use and shares on social media are allowed. For commercial use/broadcasting etc and general for-profit use, please contact us well in advance for License Permission and Terms and Conditions at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

Do you offer any discounts?
We are happy to offer bespoke bulk purchase discounts to individuals, organizations such as Educational Establishments & Charities, etc, and Music Dealers - Contact us for more details at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com

Do you offer Commissions, work on Educational Projects and work with Charities/Good Causes?
Many of our works were original commissions and/or results of working with Educational Projects in the UK, Europe, America and Asia, and other key areas of the world. We are also happy to help charities if the use of our music goes to helping good causes. If you would like to discuss a Commission, Educational Project, Charitable Request or any other project please contact us at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com
Still need some help with questions or requests?
Contact us at helpdesk@paulbarkermusic.com and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Best Wishes,

PBM Team