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Gabriel's Anthem (String Orchestra)

Gabriel's Anthem (String Orchestra)

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Elevate your next concert with timeless elegance which is Gabriel's Anthem. This symphonic journey is rich in stoic grandeur and ideal for festivals, concerts and formal occasions of all kinds. From the emotional crescendos to the very last poignant ritardando, you'll be moved in ways you never thought possible.

A Violin III part is also included to double the Viola. The Timpani, Glockenspiel, Cymbals and Piano are optional.

Performance Recording Mp3 also avaialble.

Level: Intermediate (UK Grade 5+ and USA 2+)
Duration: 2:25
Occasion: Main Concerts - Festivals - Finale - Graduations
Instrumentation: String Orchestra - Timpani - Glockenspiel - Cymbals - Piano

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